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         My name is Ashley Nizolek, I am a Saratoga Springs/Lake George/Capital District (Albany, Schenectady, Troy) based Lifestyle, Wedding and Music Photographer.  What does that mean? I do a little bit of everything, with an artistic photojournalistic approach. Weddings, Portraits (headshots, families, kids, newborns etc.), Events, Live Music and Musician Portraits/Press Photos. 

           I was born and raised in Saratoga Springs and Lake George, NY.  I attended college in New York City at The Fashion Institute of Technology for Jewelry Design/Metals. How did I get from metals to photography? I get asked that a lot so I figured I'd ask it for you.  I have always been a very visual person, so after college and living in New York's fashion district, I found myself slowly moving toward photography a little at a time. Out of necessity, I began shooting my own promotional photos for the jewelry business I started right out of college, A.N. Original Jewelry. During that time I developed a real sense of my own aesthetic. Becoming a photographer was never in my plan, but it was a very natural progression for me. After years of exploring my abilities with a camera for my own business, I began shooting professionally in 2010. People who have worked with me in the past have found that I keep things light hearted and will do my best to keep you laughing. I don't know if that's because of my jokes or because you get to sometimes watch me accidentally hurt myself, but I'll take it either way. I'm pretty easy going and love to "wing it" which makes shooting candid moments during weddings,  of kids, families and pets that much easier for all involved because we're usually laughing the whole way through. I am a huge dog lover and encourage people to include them in the sessions, weddings, etc. I'm a little afraid of cats but I will photograph them if you ask nicely.

           I'm often asked what my niche is. It is hard to say what "kind" of photography I specialize in, because what I'm after are magnetic candid moments and I'm not necessarily as concerned with what to call that. When it comes to photo subjects, my interests are numerous and ever growing. In a broader spectrum, I'm in the business of anticipating moments. I want to capture the spontaneous giggle of a child, those few seconds of light that feel like being inside of a dream, a powerful moment of a musician on stage, quiet moments of unguarded love during a wedding, a group of friends erupting with laughter and anything else that tells the story of whoever or whatever I am shooting at the moment. What I'm after is authenticity and telling the specific story of an individual or space in time, and make sure we're all having fun doing that. Let's do that together! 

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