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Hi! I'm Ashley...

I am a Saratoga Springs based Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer servicing the greater Capital District and Adirondacks. What does that mean? Well, on paper that means I do a little bit of everything, with an artistic photojournalistic approach. Does that sound good to you? Perfect! You've passed the first test. Continue below to find out all the deets.

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all the deets

Unofficially, I mainly spend my work days trying to make you feel like I'm not taking pictures of you. I do this by making you listen to me talk about my dogs (Miniature Dachshunds named Abby & Joey aka JoJo Beans, don't worry, I'll tell you more), unintentionally embarrassing myself, being way too emotionally invested in Game of Thrones (whilst assuming you are too...) and occasionally giving out highly coveted imaginary awards (if you're lucky). Have a dog or a baby? Great! In that case you will probably hear me making a wide range of loud (strange?) noises to get their attention. Also, full disclosure; my hair will never look like the picture above whilst photographing you. Sound good? Perfect. You've passed the first test.

After getting a degree in Jewelry Design and Metals from The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, I naturally decided to get into photography. Makes sense right? It actually does, but thats a story for a different time. By 2011, I shot my first wedding and from there it was a snowball effect. On a typical wedding day my #1 goal is to have fun and get it done. On a portrait day, the same rules apply. We laugh, we dance, we might sweat (because it's upstate NY so if we're not freezing, we're sweating in 100% humidity), we probably will be quoting Will Farrell movies and most importantly, we get the shots. Need me to run interference on a difficult family member? I've done it. Trick your kid into letting me photograph them? I live for it. Need me to do your makeup 20 mins before you walk down the aisle? It happened and nobody outside of the bridal party ever knew. Much like Liam Neeson, we photographers have a very particular set of skills.

Ok, ok, here's the deal guys; I may joke around a lot but truly, my main goal is to get you those shots without impeding on your fun. Whether its your wedding day, a day with your family, or you're celebrating your engagement? I'm there for the photos - you're there for the experience. 

Explaining my work in-depth feels too self-indulgent so please, feel free to dive into my portfolio, and let the work speak for itself.

Want to get to know me more to find out if I am the photographer for you? Let's chat! Email, phone calls, coffee or cocktails.

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Lyndsay & Dan

When it came time for our at-home e-session, I was nervous. We weren’t comfortable being photographed and I was sure we’d come across awkward. Ashley showed up, encouraged us to turn on some music, grab a beer and just hang out. As the nervousness faded, and our dog Qynn got used to the sound of her camera, we started to feel more like ourselves. She found the perfect lighting, she coached us through poses, made noises to grab Qynn’s attention and captured some really beautiful, romantic photos of us.

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